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It's not another first person horror game.

Break the limits between dreams and reality in a surreal  story with three different endings. 

Complete and Free for Windows. Dual (English/Spanish)


WASD for movement

Mouse for looking around

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> Shines Over II



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fun game i enjoyed playing it, it had a cool little mystery to it. keep up the good work amigo :D

good! Thanks 😊 

Walking slowly. A little faster. Few. Will it continue?))

you have the second chapter to download for free now - “Shines Over II” . This have a faster movement.


Very nice Demo !! Congrats !!

Thanks! 👍

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Shines Over II (RELEASED)

You can get it on:


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The Second Chapter of this game is under development. It will released this year. The blog with the progress is:


The screenshots don't represent the final quality of the game.


I had a lot of fun playing this game and i really enjoyed it. I'm planing on going through the game again and getting all 3 endings if you would like to see my play through here it is:

enjoy 😉👍

Good video ;) thanks for playing!

Shines Over II (Released)

This game is a lot better ;)


We had a lot of fun with this game, but maybe not for the reasons you intended.  Still though, super loved it!

it's not a serious gameplay xDD

Haha definitely not Jokes are the only way I can deal with horror

Shines Over II (Released)

New smiles to discover ;)


Played this for a random indie horror. I gotta say, First off. The graphics were VERY good, I was nearly blown away with the texture quality in this game, that being said, I wasn't crazy about some of the other design choices, such as the over use of lens flare/distortions and smokey haze in some sections, the game was just a tiny bit too shiny (I get shine is in the name but come on lol) the movement was way too slow for my liking personally, and i feel that more than a few areas were a little too dark, again, personal preference. The story was very unique and cool, while i don't have a hard grasp on what the actual flying fuck is happening, i think i understand for the most part, the game was also very short, not that short games are bad, but that i was interested enough to keep going after the game had ended, I.E ya got a solid foundation, with some tweaks could make a great game! All in all i give this game a 6/10 Only because of length, lack of sprint, lack of a flashlight and slight overuse of Shine/Reflections/cinematic cut aways and super slow movement. Sorry, if this review seems a bit harsh, I'm just trying to be as honest about my feedback as i can to help you better your games down the road! If you want more insight on what i think of the game, you can watch my playthrough below!

Thanks for playing and review ;-)

Shines Over II (Released)

It'll surprise you ;) Waiting your review of my new game !


I really liked the design of the game, the slight nuances that seem out of place, the jittery animation style, and the demon that shows up is creepy as hell. The crawling in the attic moment got me because of how far away it seemed when I jumped me. The story is a bit confusing but I think I understand it for the most part. Really enjoyed the whole experience and Im looking forward to your next release.


Good vídeo ;-)

Shines Over II (Released)

New jumpscares to discover ;)


This is a pretty well polished game. My feedback pretty much mirrors Gamer Nations in walk speed and lighting. But good job.

Thanks for playing :)

Shines Over II (Released)

New walk speed and lighting ;) It'll surprise you )¡;)


What I loved about this game was the different ways that it scares you, not just the old sudden jumpscares... Whenever the monster or whatever that was walked past me, it always gave me chills!

I still don't think I understand the story but doesn't matter, had fun! :D


Sometimes you don't need all the clues of a story to feel it. Just apply your imagination and set you free playing it ;-)

agreed! makes for a different experience for everyone!

Shines Over II (Released)

A new story to discover ;)


That was a pretty good game. keeping me up on my toes, hahahha I almost pee for a second there. Great work. keep it up :P Some Game play here 

Thanks for the support guys...

Good video ;-)

Shines Over II (Released)

Waiting for see your new video ;)


I think I got the more... hopeful of ending. What's your new project? :)

You got the worst ending xD  but thank you for playing… and for the video :-)


What? Hehe, worst ending? Damn. :)


Shines Over II (Released)

Give it a try ;)


Nice storyline and good game, if you are planning to update this game in the future then please consider these in the next update.

  1. Increase speed little bit.
  2. Add a flash light or fix darkness, it ways dark in some place.

Here is the first look of this game.

Thanks for playing the game and the ideas. For sure that it'll be a second chapter in the future but now im on a new Project, totally different than this.


Can't wait to see your awesome work :)) 

Shines Over II (Released)

The other projects will have to wait a little ;)


Really nice game. I had some problems with crashing in the beginning, but it worked out. 

Cool Video !

Shines Over II (Released)

It will surprise you ;)


I'll definitely play this for YouTube! 

Good !



Shines Over II (Released)

I hope that u like it !

Show post...

good idea creepy !

Thank u !


I had a play at 6am and found myself having to complete the whole story. Very Good. Good atmosphere, good Storyline.

All the best devs


wow! Thank you :-)

Shines Over II (Released)

Waiting for a new gameplay :)




No minidump found for this crash.


Hi, it's usually a .dll issue. Just go to:

\Shines Over\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\
And execute the ue4prereqSetup_x86.exe

And restart windows again; i hope that helps you.

Finally no luck to start the game? :(

Nah I got it working, your suggestion helped, thanks!

Ok, good :)

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