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"From a distance you would only see a small village near the shore. Don't be ticked by it's look; although now you may see it covered by a solitary shadow, long ago it was visited by hundreds of travelers from all over. I know the answer is there…"

First Person Horror Game,

> Non-Linear Main Quest

> Several Minigames (Arcade Machine included)

> Semi-Open World

Windows x86 / x64

Language: English

Walkthrough - Alert Spoiler

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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ShinesOver2_10_DEMO.zip 769 MB

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🎀 At Least There's a THICC A$$ | Shines Over II Full Gameplay

There is something beyond the asses 🤣 but thanks for playing

this looks interesting. I would like to be on your content creators list.  I would like to get a demo or a key for this project before the release date. here's my channel you'll find my email there www.youtube.com/c/brutalsamm

this project is a very early test. As soon I get advances will be posted👍 

Vote “Shines Over II” for #H3MA, until 16th of April of 2020! Link: https://upcvideogames.com/games/


Nice demo , ambiance , scenes , gg !! i like ^^

👍thanks for playing!

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Rare screenshots from scenes that were removed from the final game. Perhaps it’ll good to recover them and create more missions.


Awesome game Juan. Is very unique and immersive. Thanks for developing it. I can see that you put a lot of effort into it just seeing the level of detail and how well polished it is. Do you have Twitter?

Here's my gameplay:

good video! Thanks for playing ;) for now, no twitter, i’ll have to do it soon xD

I'll keep and eye on your profile to see if you do it to follow you. Thanks again for developing such a unique experience!

By your name I'll guess that you are Spanish speaking like I am. Cada vez más juegos de miedo vienen de manos de hispanoparlantes y estoy impresionado con el gran talento detrás de ellos.

¡Buen trabajo!

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gracias! Ya estoy en un nuevo proyecto bastante más ambicioso (para hacerlo uno solo al menos xD). En cuanto tenga avances te aviso. 

¡Perfecto! No puedo esperar a verlo xD


seems to be a interesting game, i'm going to have to get in more depth about what is going on though.

i don't know why my fps felt slow/sluggish, was this game intended for ray tracing? my 1080 ti seem to be struggling at parts...

but a very interesting game, thanks for asking me to check it out juan


Good video! Thanks for Playing

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Stuck in the Game?

Play this walkthrough to avoid it (alert spoiler)

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


i haven’t development for Linux before but i’ll look for some documentation in the net. Maybe i give a try.

Thanks for being open to the idea and looking into it.


This game was amazing to play! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. The over all atmosphere makes the player tense, the jump scares were very well placed, the story is just  as mysterious as the first game (which I love). It felt more like a dream sequence than anything. The lack of dialogue is intriguing, and the little mini game was challenging. Astonishing visuals and music, too. Very beautiful work :) I did make a video for this game as well ^-^

Thanks for playing and the review ;).  Good video!


rember first ...second very deep

thanks for playing ;)